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Empower our communities with the ability to experience health to its fullest potential. Our goal is to stimulate true health by integrating high-quality, individualized health care and lifestyle with the highest level of service and compassion to humanity.


To become one of the nation's largest holistic health care providers, our mission is to lead the way in providing a natural alternative for human health management using the integration of different health care modalities.

guiding principles

• Our focus on compassionate care of the highest quality and patient satisfaction.
• Advance our knowledge and expertise in the field of chiropractic neurology
• Have an engaged, compassionate, loving and empowered workforce
• Use technology effectively, efficiently, objectively and quantitatively.
• Adapt in a rapidly changing healthcare environment so you can help more people.

• Compassion

• Teamwork
• Professionalism
• Education
• Excellence in service

• Individualized patient care



We value


Del Norte Professional Center

Office #101, Highway 493 KM 0.9

Bo. Carrizales, Hatillo, PR 00659

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San Juan

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